Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Salty mistakes are the final straw?

I've had a bit of a hiatus lately as my father has been trying to hide his eating habits from me. However, I have managed to catch him a few times. There was the sushi and toast incident, dry toast with just one piece of sushi on top that he sort of mashed down into the bread. I have a bit of a problem with this, partly because it seems to me that these two items do not complement each other in any way, and partly because of the combination of carbohydrates. Is this just me? Is it ok to combine pasta and potatoes ( the most common repeat offense) or the triple whammy pasta, potato and bread? Too many carbs together! I think of how gnocchi is potato and flour, or how some stews and curries contain rice and potato, but still they seem somehow ok. Perhaps I'm just a snob, I'm sure that's what my father would say.

Then there was in incident the other day when he made veggie soup with sour cherry jam in it. he explained this to me as 'just a happy accident', when he mistook the pickle jar for the jam one. Why is he putting pickle in veggie soup? Another experiment. Lime pickle is the flavour of the month at the moment. I caught him about to put it in the broccoli and bacon pasta the other day, and he did mention he'd like to try it on porridge. He'll go through a jar in a week.

It seems there is only one thing that he dislikes. He accidentally put too much salt in the pasta water this week. It was almost inedible. I had some, then pushed the rest to the side. Dad ate some for dinner and then finished up the rest the next day and then proclaimed it to be the worst lunch ever! Yes, but he still ate it.