Sunday, November 25, 2012

Red Curry Bolognese

The other night we had a fairly impromptu family dinner, so it wasn't going to be the usual incredible scalloped potatoes, some kind of wild salad and a meat dish, instead it was something simple, maybe with leftovers or the like.  The night before Dad had made spaghetti bolognese under the watchful eyes of my cousin, so it was kept simple.  So the idea was to buy some more mince and bulk up the sauce and have the same thing again.  Only Dad changed his mind once we were all assembled and announced that my niece was having the left overs and for the rest of us he was adding a can of red curry paste to some mince and putting the whole lot over pasta.
We all sat there looking vaguely bewildered and smirking and he exploded "what's the matter with you lot?  You bunch of conservatives!".  What were we to do, he was cooking after all.  In actual fact, there was very little curry flavour to the dish, so it was more like mince and bamboo shoots.  Over pasta.
The thing is though, I was just googling 'red curry bolognese' to see if I could find some kind of photo and it exists as an actual thing!  Of course the person who put the recipe up has done a little more than open a can and pour in over some mincemeat, but's the link if you want to check it out,

Friday, September 21, 2012

Apples and Bean Juice

I've spent less time at home recently, which has meant less time to see whatever Dad is feasting upon.  However, I do have a couple of gems from Family dinners and the like.

The first came when Dad accidently bought too many apples.  I remember a book as a child that was about people putting apples in everything because they had to many.  It was like that at Dad's for a while, except mostly he just ate apples.  But then when we had some brown leftover bits, he decided to throw them into the omelette he was making.  Thus the omelette was egg, onion, garlic, cumin and apples.  There's something that's just not right about that.

The other new one came the other day when I had some cannellini beans that I was making into a lovely bean and garlic dip.  I was busy doing other things in the kitchen so I asked Dad to open the can for me.  He did so then asked "Now what?" I went over to the sink with the intention to rinse all the thick, slimy bean juice out so I could tip the lot in the blender, but Dad prevented me.  Instead of all that muck going down the sink, he tipped it into a cup and DRANK it!

It looked worse in reality and imagine the taste!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The return!

Yes I'm a slack blogger, moths have passed without a single peep out of me, dad's dinners have progressed without comment, beacuse I've been too slack to make them. But now, having brought up the subject of this very blog in my creative writing class, along with recent dallies into the idea of creative non- fiction writing, I'm at it again.
I think my lack of blogging has been somewhat positive, as Dad has yet again begun regaling me with his culinary masterpieces. Just the other day he told me how he had decided he was too tired to cook potatoes, so instead had substituted Tzaziki flavoured crisps instead. The rest of the meal consisted of tomatoes and sausages and he had slathered the three items in mayonaise and soy sauce.
Then there is the new favourite pickle, garlic chilli this time, which gets included in and on everything, even my home made hot cross buns.
Any indignation on my part is met with a sort of gaffaw, as he considers me very conservative in my tastes. And any peering I have been doing to check out his plate is usually met with 'get away'. If only Grocers were sellers of disgusting things, then I would recommend my dad become one.