Sunday, November 25, 2012

Red Curry Bolognese

The other night we had a fairly impromptu family dinner, so it wasn't going to be the usual incredible scalloped potatoes, some kind of wild salad and a meat dish, instead it was something simple, maybe with leftovers or the like.  The night before Dad had made spaghetti bolognese under the watchful eyes of my cousin, so it was kept simple.  So the idea was to buy some more mince and bulk up the sauce and have the same thing again.  Only Dad changed his mind once we were all assembled and announced that my niece was having the left overs and for the rest of us he was adding a can of red curry paste to some mince and putting the whole lot over pasta.
We all sat there looking vaguely bewildered and smirking and he exploded "what's the matter with you lot?  You bunch of conservatives!".  What were we to do, he was cooking after all.  In actual fact, there was very little curry flavour to the dish, so it was more like mince and bamboo shoots.  Over pasta.
The thing is though, I was just googling 'red curry bolognese' to see if I could find some kind of photo and it exists as an actual thing!  Of course the person who put the recipe up has done a little more than open a can and pour in over some mincemeat, but's the link if you want to check it out,

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