Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A new day, a new tastebud explosion

My father is a true eccentric. He picked up the violin ten years ago, and he's still going with it, despite the stiffness in his fingers. He likes to build boats from scratch, and he has been trying to perfect a revolutionary new airplane wing for quite a while too. As some of you are aware, my father eats the most ridiculous combinations of things. His current favourite is to add fish sauce to everything that he consumes. I started this blog in order to catalogue his daily weirdness that I am sometimes subjected to.
Today was a classic example. I watched him build up an odd dish, starting by microwaving penne pasta flavoured with an oxo cube and garlic. To that he added tinned tomatoes and mushrooms, which doesn't sound so bad. Then he added olives, vinegar and of course fish sauce. When I complain at him, or try to curb his weird ways he calls me 'conservative.' Today's lunch was a variety on yesterday's, although yesterday he added corn and tinned spaghetti to the mix and subtracted the mushrooms. And yes he does enjoy fish sauce with peaches, often with marmite and toast. More weirdness to come!

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