Monday, November 8, 2010

A new innovative sauce!

I noticed my father doing something very strange today. In all his meals, ( excepting the dinner I made him) he utilised an unknown ingredient. It was kind of like watching Iron Chef America, except that there was no dessert ( thank god!) Dad's new 'secret' ingredient is gerkin juice. I noticed this first when he had a snack at about 11am. This consisted of two corn thins, cottage cheese, pickled onion, corn, tomato and gerkin juice. Yum soggy crackers! Next at lunch he made red pasta which I originally thought might be coloured with beetroot, when it was in fact powdered tomato soup. He then poured in gerkin juice and ate it up. Then later in the day he had toast, cheese, corn, ham and gerkin juice. None of these 'meals' involve the actual application of gerkins, only their pickling liquid. I asked him about it, but all he said was 'it tastes nice!'.
I will have to keep an eye on the other pickles in the fridge to see if any of the liquid drops significantly. What next I wonder, tuna oil?

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  1. Aww silly pappa. I remember his phases, when I left it was lime pickle, before that i remember his ginger days and when he would put peaches in currys and spaghetti